Synergy PLUS – ideal for smaller clients

What is Synergy PLUS?

Synergy PLUS is ideally suited for those owners corporations in self-managed or smaller strata schemes that find full management too costly for their needs or do not require some of the services provided in the full management package.

By combining the talents from both the owners corporation and our office, we have created a professional management package that is very reasonable for the unique needs of small schemes.

In the past, smaller blocks of units or townhouse complexes have had to pay a minimum charge for the management of their strata plans, which, in most cases, has been too expensive and unjustifiable. As a result, you are left with either managing the books yourself or paying exorbitant fees.

We are now offering an affordable package that takes care of the time-consuming and tedious chores of self-management.

We will take care of all accounting, preparation of notices, insurance, budgeting, etc; we will also be there for your general strata queries. To reduce the cost of management, we ask the owners corporation to hold their own meetings and arrange their own repairs. Any invoices received are simply authorised by the selected committee members and then posted to our office for payment.

Sometimes you may even require us to attend a meeting for some specific advice or to visit the building if there is a problem; this can be arranged as well.


What the Synergy PLUS package offers:

  • Management of all your financial records
  • Preparing and posting of all notices:
    • Annual General Meeting Notices
    • Extraordinary General Meeting Notices
    • Levy Notices
    • Quarterly and Annual Reports
  • Arranging Insurance renewals
  • Preparation of budgets
  • Collection of levy contributions
  • Payment of regular bills
  • Provide a location for Strata Searches and issue section 109 certificates
  • Maintain, hold and store records
  • Plus, answers to your day-to day strata queries are now as close as the phone.


What the owners corporation is required to do:

  • Hold their own general meetings
  • Authorise payment of bills and accounts
  • Arrange and oversee any work required
  • Forward copies of correspondence and minutes to us for retaining in strata records